The MMA Analysis is one of the most accurate, insightful and entertaining podcasts covering the sport of MMA. The podcast can be found weekly on , iTunes and Spotify.

The MMA Analysis Team

Jay Primetown – Host (Follow on Twitter)

Jay now steers the ship of this podcast as host. Jay does the thankless job of grading every single UFC fighter on roster. He’ll even sprinkle a movie grade here and there.

New Shaun – Analyst (Follow on Twitter)

The Canadian “teenager” is the resident women’s over bettor. The oddsmakers may have finally caught on but he was betting overs before it was cool. Shaun edits and posts the show each week so if there are any screw ups blame him.

Wesley Colvin – Analyst (Follow on Twitter)

The Kentucky Sodsman with the sweet southern drawl has been gambling longer than most people who listen to the podcast have been alive. You’ll have to forgive Wes if he rambles on about Nascar a bit too much, he’s legally obligated to do that any time he can as he is from the south.

Also be sure to follow the podcast on twitter (@TheMMAAnalysis) for updates and access to the latest shows.

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